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About US

Vendix Global Vendix Marketing Online and offline Marketing

Who we are.. 

Vendix started back in 2018, Origin from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

started with a creative vision, to assist its customers in increasing sufficiently their businesses income, by being a part of their local team and a part of their marketing solutions, providing both Online & offline, connections & inspirational ways to get the job completed.

Our Mission 

Today Vendix has progressively  expanded to reach the international region, connecting companies together to reach its customers all abroad the cities borders. 
We have settled our second office in
Istanbul, Turkey. Typically helping our customers to reach out to their clients in the United Arab Emirates & others...

Amer AL Khiame
Managing Director

Experienced IT Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, services industry providing 2nd and 3rd level support and Marketing Solutions technology. Skilled in Windows Server 2012, Databases, Networking, HTML, Visio, and Linux. Strong information technology professional with a Bachelor focused in information technology and an Associated's Degree focused in Computing & Business applications.

Dante Zahed
Managing Director

With more than 13 years of experience in Marketing and management solutions, Our Head director started his journey by assisting business owners in developing their own businesses, by assisting them in opening new branches, developing the management and teamwork, adding data basis systems, finding new area (retail shops) to expand and providing business solutions to increase the daily sales.

He decided to create a company specialized in creating several marketing solutions for businesses & providing business owners a chance to jump with their businesses to the next level.

" The market is changing fast & so do we keep developing and giving our skills and knowledge to our clients "

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