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New! Shree Kan 0851 Font




Fonts can be downloaded in all popular file types. Category: Kannada calligraphy Category: Typefaces and fonts introduced in 2000 Category: Typefaces with text figures Category: Open-source typefacesQ: How do I get the path to my current python file from another script? I have a simple python script that I want to use with a series of other scripts. In each script, I would like to import it like: from /home/myuser/myproject/ I am having problems with the path to my python script. I can get it from the path to my home directory: import os print os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))) However, this returns the current script's directory, rather than the script's path. If I run the script in the terminal, the path to the script is printed. I would like to get this path into a string in another script, so that I can reuse it. Any ideas? A: You can take advantage of the globals() function import glob import sys print(globals()['__file__']) # /home/myuser/myproject/ Q: What's the best way to output multiple JSON objects to a page? I've made a PHP object to deal with JSON requests, but I'm not entirely sure how to output the data for each request in the correct JSON format. Here's the object in its current form: request = $request; $this->return = $return; } public function getResponse() { if(isset($this->request)) { $obj = json_decode($this->request, true); if($obj === false) {



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New! Shree Kan 0851 Font

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